Is Dr. Clay Siegall The Real Deal in Cancer Research

Cancer research is one of the most fascinating industries on planet earth. Some of the most intelligent people work in this specific field. As of today, there are a plethora of cancer-fighting companies in the world, but the United States is home Seattle Genetics, and it has helped to revolutionize the industry. Seattle Genetics is located in Bothell, Washington. On the other hand, Dr. Clay Siegall is the captain of the ship, and he has done an amazing job with progressing the company through the years.

Dr. Siegall has a knack for getting things done because he’s dedicated to his craft. This extraordinary guy is well-versed in genetics, and he actually has a Ph.D in Genetics. Dr. Siegall is the engine that makes this company run. One of his best business practices comes by having the ability to hold onto the patents. By controlling the patents, most of the earned-capital will come back to the holder of the patent. In the beginning stages of Seattle Genetics, most of its earned-capital was going straight to the medical industry. The company struggled a bit during the initial stages because it was spending more than it was making. By implementing a dedicated sales staff, Seattle Genetics was able to publicize its medications. This sales staff became the face of the company, and it began to secure seven-figure deals.

Being such a progressive-thinking company, Seattle Genetics consistently works on developing a variety of cancer medications. As of today, the company has up to 20 advanced medications in its pipeline. Dr. Siegall also does a good job of raising extra funding via public and private fundraising. As you can see, Dr. Clay Siegall is certainly doing his part to better mankind, but who knows what he has in store in the years to come.

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