The Future is Electric: Matt Badiali

While attending college at Penn State, Matt Badiali, majored in both geology and earth science. It was not until pursuing his doctorate in 2004, did Badiali begin to redirect his career focus towards his secondary passion of finance. He was approached by a financial expert, in need of his geological advice specifically in the area of natural resource investments. After some initial discussion, Badiali was offered a company position working on geological investment research. It was at this moment that Badiali says that he found his true career calling.

Matt Badiali began editing and publishing with Banyan Hill, a financial newsletter, in 2017 under the alias of Real Wealth Strategist. Real Wealth Strategist, offers readers expert advice on natural resource investing, with topics ranging from concrete materials, oil, and metals, to agricultural commodities. Badiali contributes his success as a financial advice editor and publisher to his extensive background and his ongoing passion for finance. Indicating that only an editor with specific expertise could produce comprehensible material, that any average person could effortlessly digest. The more informative and concise an article presents itself, the more impactful is on an individual’s capacity to learn complex material.

Matt Badiali views his position at Banyan Hill, as the ideal opportunity to fully utilize all of his expertise. In the pursuit of transforming how the natural resource market is interpreted, each monthly report published by Matt Badiali is the result of first-hand conducted research. The research is done in most cases at the source. Highlighting field studies done in global areas presently dominating the geological and natural resource markets, such as Hong Kong and Canada. While on these excursions, care is taken to investigate the quality and quantity of the natural resources being brought to market, as well as their overall economic success on a global scale.

In his interview with, Matt Badiali predicts that in the near future, electricity will become the dominant source of power. Mentioning the high potential for electricity to replace other fuel sources, such as gasoline, propane, and diesel as a cleaner energy source.

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Talkspace Teams Up With Michael Phelps to Promote Mental Health

Michael Phelps has been on top of the sporting world on many occasions. The 23-time Olympic gold medal winner knows what it’s like to win and have success. He knows as much as anyone that even the strong can go through common problems such as anxiety and depression. That is why he has partnered with Talkspace, the leading company in online therapy, to help to bring mental health treatment to our fingertips.

For Phelps, the reasons to partner with Talkspace are simple, yet noble: to endeavor to bring affordable and easily accessible mental health treatment to everyone with an internet connection. The shared goals of Talkspace and Phelps are to remove the stigma which surrounds mental health issues. When he was dealing with depression and anxiety it was difficult at first to find the help he needed, at least at first. “As I started opening up and talking about my issues, I felt strength, not vulnerability” Phelps said in the joint announcement with Talkspace.

What is unique about Talkspace is the accessibility. Users of the platform can trade messages with their therapist whenever they are nearby their smartphone, tablet or computer. The therapists are screened and licensed, and the encrypted conversations which unfold are safe and confidential. There’s oversight from industry professionals as well as researchers from the top universities and health care centers.

The company has been around since 2012 and was founded by Oren and Roni Frank. They have taken the process of professional therapy and brought it out of the traditional space and into the online world. What is a typical day in the life of a Talkspace therapist?

Talkspace therapists can sometimes have day jobs, but that doesn’t get in the way of helping others through the company. Employees can attend to clients in the mornings before work, in the evenings after dinner, on their lunch hour or anywhere between. It’s a company which offers flexibility for both clients and the professionals which make up the core of the company. That brings happiness to client and therapist alike.