Betsy DeVos Aims To Bring School Choice To American Schools Everywhere

Betsy DeVos is one of the most committed reformers of education in the entire United States of America. Hailing from a small Dutch community in Michigan, Betsy DeVos has been utterly focused on championing the works of Milton Friedman for the better part of the past thirty years. Alongside her husband Dick DeVos, Betsy has been instrumental in establishing the idea of school choice throughout the Midwest. Now serving as President Trump’s Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos is in a unique position where she can bring reform to educational facilities throughout the United States. Let’s take a moment to see how Betsy DeVos made it this far in order to see what we can expect from her going forward.


Milton Friedman penned ‘The Role of Government in Education’ over fifty years ago yet his work still rings true in modern America thanks to the work that Betsy DeVos has been doing. Friedman wrote, essentially, the first real argument for the role of school choice in educational facilities throughout the country. Friedman believed that the role of government intervention in the realm of education should be limited. Friedman, like DeVos and many other proud conservatives, believe that all educational facilities should be treated equally. That is to say, private institutions and religious institutions should be given the very same benefits as that of public schooling.


DeVos has been more than a staunch believer of school choice, she has been at the very center of its evolution. Thanks to the work that DeVos has been doing there are more than 250,000 students participating in private-choice programs throughout the United States. DeVos and her husband managed to facilitate this spread of school choice by focusing on philanthropic outreach and educational opportunities. DeVos has served as the chairman for the American Federation for Children as well as the Alliance for School choice for years now. DeVos knows that she has come a long way with her work in educational reform yet she knows that there is so much work yet to do.


For DeVos, education reform is something that she has held close to the heart due in large part to her personal life as a parent. When Betsy and Dick were preparing their children for school, years and years ago, they decided to tour different potential facilities. Their tour led them to the Potter’s House Christian School which was a private-choice facility for low-income families. DeVos was in awe by what she saw and it was at that moment that she decided to focus her life on bringing school choice to as many people as possible.


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