A Unique Fashion And Design -Tieks

Tieks is a firm that makes ballet flats made from soft Italian leather. More than 150 steps are taken to make a pair of these flats. Tieks shoes are incredibly adaptable, allowing you to go on whatever adventure you want. The shoes will keep you comfortable whether you’re chasing after toddlers or exploring the Louvre. They come in four designs, including prints, patents, classics, and vegan.

The flats are available in different colors, like rouge, matte black, and poppy. These are the best flats one can ever think of owning based on their quality and durability. Their design does not make your sweat; hence you should not worry about odor or foot sweat. If you know you have sweaty feet, consider investing in a pair of no-show socks such as Gekks that will aid in soaking up sweat. Tieks are available on purchase through online retailers like Zappos and Amazon.

Although not quickly, the flats do stretch since they are made with high-quality leather. They stretch out after three months and are noticeably stretched out after one year of wear. When purchasing, ensure that you get the right size. Buying the wrong size results in the flats hurting your feet as they do not stretch to fit.

Allow yourself a few days after receiving your shoes to get your feet acclimated to wearing them. However, there may be a few spots where your feet and Tieks shoes need to get to know one another before they feel completely at ease with them. If you’re still unsure, remember to avoid wearing your shoes outside if you believe you might need to exchange them.

For care of your flats, use leather shoe polish on a sponge to clean them. You can also spot-treat your flats with a damp washcloth. Because they cannot be machine washed, this is the most effective way of keeping them looking great. Click here for more information.


Find more information about Tikes on https://tieks.com/abouttieks