Alejandro Betancourt Lopez Takes Hawkers Co. To Another Level

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has played a major role in the financial success of Hawkers Co. The company was founded in Spain by four friends. Initially, they wanted to start another version of Craigslist. But cash flow issues made getting the project off the ground difficult. So they started selling sunglasses they bought in California called Knockarounds. Within four years they sold €60 million worth of sunglasses. But they still had trouble retaining their profits. So they asked Alejandro Betancourt Lopez to help them manage their finances. He had already been successful with O’Hara Financials.

Inexpensive Social Media Marketing

Two majors reason Hawkers Co. has enjoyed rapid and consistent success and a bigger ROI is because of the visionary, innovative social media marketing strategy and tactics put in place by Alejandro Betancourt Lopez and his expertise at money management. He helped propel Hawkers to become an Instagram success story and a financial success. That’s part of the reason the company named him president. Lopez recruited many social media influencers and trendy fashionistas to wear and promote the sunglasses the Hawkers Co. sells by offering them a few incentives. They have helped to popularize the sunglasses worldwide and more

Undeniable Financial Results

The financial results Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has helped Hawkers Co. to enjoy are undeniable. Not only does the company sell millions of sunglasses, but they also have a very impressive profit margin. As an investor and president, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has helped to put Hawkers Co. on the fast track towards unprecedented success. Now, he is helping them to better serve their clients by helping the company to produce and market environment friendly sunglasses made using responsible materials and sold in recyclable, sustainable packaging. It’s something of which Hawkers Co. can be proud. And it will win them many socially conscious customers worldwide and more