Anette Bronder’s New Official Website Discusses Data Governance, Agility, and Digital Transformation

I became familiar with technology’s importance and constantly growing relevance for every facet of our lives during my 13 years with Hewlett Packard at the beginning of my professional career. By using new technologies, add value.

My interest is in enthusing people, systems, and businesses about the possibility and benefits of technology and preparing them for the future. And so, as a consultant, project coordinator, business leader, preceptor, and oversight council member, the development and guidance of digitization flow through my chosen profession like a red thread with increasing fervor.

My previous life path was always driven by the need to discover new things, be excited about the future, build amazing and powerful organizations, and work with and within those groups. Finding solutions and implementing ambitious plans and goals realistically and sustainably fascinated me and have always been a part of my work.

Anette Bronder

I believe that to achieve successful digitization, the necessary agility, the ability to recognize the relevance of data, and a constructive, open relationship with changing circumstances are essential.

At the University of Stuttgart, Anette Bronder completed her Master’s degree in economics and sociology. Later, Bronder participated in professional handball for the VfL Sindelfingen, where she was a team turret member.

The group retained Bronder as an executive committee member after leaving their professional career in 1996 and 2002. Bronder was named 2010 VfL Sindelfingen President after serving six years as Team Vice President.

Anette Bronder

Anette Bronder has dedicated her entire career to information technology and has utilized data analysis and cutting-edge infrastructure made possible by open cloud technology. Your main goal is to put European businesses in a position where they can respond quickly to rapidly changing markets.