The difference that Marc Beer is making

Renovia Inc. is a startup that was co-founded by Marc Beer. The process will now move forward because they have come up with new products that will take care of the pelvic Floor after on Tuesday they closed a series B round that will be $32 million, together with $10 million that will be for venture debt. The MedTech Company that is located in Boston is coming up with therapeutic products and diagnostic to diseases like urinary incontinence that will affect the pelvic floor and research conducted showed that the disease affects 250 million women around the world. The first product that was released by Renovia called Leva received the approval by the FDA in April.

Longwood Fund is the first company that invested in Renovia, and they participated in the Series B round, which was conducted by Perceptive advisors based in New York City and ascension ventures that are based in Missouri. The funding is not expected to stop there because the company has four more other diagnostic and therapeutic products that they want to launch, which will include a new and developed Leva device. Marc Beer, the CEO of Renovis, is so thrilled by the support that he received from healthcare investors that share the same goal as him.

Marc attended Miami University where he attained his BS in business. After he left university, he got so many positions in sale and marketing in pharmaceutical companies. Marc offered his services at Abbott Laboratories where he was responsible for diagnostic. The other company that he worked at was Genzyme where he was in the department of sales and marketing, later rising to the position of vice president of global marketing. There he was responsible for launching the gene-based applications that would treat rare disorder all over the world. Marc Beer has been in the industry of commercialization and development for the past 25 years. Gaining the needed experience of being excellent in biotechnology, diagnostic, device industries, and pharmaceuticals.

In 2000, Marc Beer was hired to offer his services at VaiCell being the Chief Executive Officer. The company deals with the preservation, collection, and development of the blood stem cells contained in the umbilical cord. Under his leadership, the company received nothing but success because they raised the number of employees to 300. The other company that he founded is the Good Start Genetics Compensation Committee-GSGCC where he is the chairman and founding chairman. In the Minerva Neuroscience Inc. Committee he is among the members. For Marc Beer Renovia was the first venture that he created. Mark Beer career has been filled with so many accomplishments that people all over the world learn from up to date. All the companies that he worked at were all to prepare him for his position now at Renovis. Learn more: