Securus Continues to Make Dreams a Reality

The future is looking bright at Securus Technologies, and everything we dreamed about is becoming a reality. Our dream was to create a future where inmates use wireless communication and resources freely in a controlled environment. Those resources such as quality medical care, education access, books, job opportunities, songs, legal assistance, and bail are necessities for inmates to thrive. The preferred vision is to obtain immediate access to these wonderful resources through safe databases. In the same vein, correctional staff controls wireless communication through Wireless Containment Systems, a correctional facility cell phone provider allowing approved phone calls to complete the dial. We hope to expand from company phones to include tablets, smart devices, video calling, and personal phones using Wireless Containment Systems. The growth should segue into 24/7/365 communication opportunities.


Besides wireless communication and accessible resources, we envision an environment where there’s round-the-clock monitoring with Securus’ technology. We expect our technology to monitor wrongdoing in prisons and jails across the USA and Canada. We hope our products are teaching inmates to become behaved members of society because that reaches another goal: reduced or nonexistent recidivism.


How did this dream become mostly a reality? Monitoring systems, emergency response, biometric analysis, wireless communication systems, and investigation methods are part of the answer. We mention ‘mostly’ because the dream isn’t 100% complete. The Securus personnel continue the hard work developing products to keep inmates, staff, and the public safe. Incarceration is not the end of life. View it as a life detour. Therefore, if an inmate enters a detour, he or she will return on the right road to success without additional detours.


Securus Technologies Means Satisfied Customers

Securus Technologies is a major communications firm that specializes in working with law enforcement, safety organizations, and correctional facilities. Their primary focus is the supplying of technologies that link incarcerated individuals and their families together by phone and video conferencing.


Studies have shown that inmates who have steady contact with their families while they are in prison fare much better when they are released in committing to a more regular lifestyle. The re-arrest rate for such individuals is far lower than prisoners who spend their incarcerated existence with little to no communication with family outside of the prison environment.


Several plans are available such as collect calls, inmate billing, advance billing, and regular monthly billing, the latter two types typically are paid by the family. Families and incarcerated individuals alike really like the video conferencing program. Not only do they get to talk with one another, but they can see each other as well. It is almost like being together, and it saves the family lots of travel time in actually coming to the prison facility to visit.


The connection to family allows inmates to participate and appreciate the nuances of a normal family relationship to a point. This helps the inmate to adjust gradually over time to what really goes on outside of the facility, and gives him or her something to look forward to when they are released.


Securus currently serves over 3,400 correctional facilities, law enforcement agencies, and safety organizations all over the North American continent. Well over 1.2 million prisoners are served in the same geographical area.


The technology that avails itself from Securus also makes available the hub for community communications and safety that helps to connect law enforcement, fire and other community parties that need to be in on the information when an emergency occurs.