Rocketship Education Decreases The Toxicity Of Low Income Places

It is a fact that the traditional education system is full of a bunch of hacks. Corruption is widespread, and changes are impossible to enact because too many bureaucrats have their hands out. People are afraid to rock the boat and to open their mouths about things that should be done.

This hackery and corruption also exists in other parts of society when it comes to low income, inner city places. It results in children being in socially toxic neighborhoods that are run down. It also results in schools that are like prisons where children are constantly in danger of being assaulted and harassed.

Rocketship Education tries to make neighborhoods less socially toxic by providing children with kind, nurturing, supportive schools where consistency and self empowerment are encouraged. Disparaging conditions sometimes make children think that there isn’t much more than their surroundings. Rocketship Education teaches the kids that there is more than just their surroundings, and that they have the power to boost themselves into better circumstances.

The charter schools create a good mix of relaxed circumstances mixed with rigidity. The rigidity comes in the form of mandatory uniforms, rotations of four different subjects each day and children being well-supervised. However, the rhythm of the day is very relaxed, and there is a very upbeat attitude. Rocketship Education’s facilities are very clean and well-organized. It is very important to maintain a clean environment because then children may take things more seriously. The teachers are very committed and upbeat about teaching the children, and it shows in the successes of Rocketship Education.

Rocketship Education’s student body is mostly low income. The percentage of low-income is 82%. Most children come from underprivileged ethnic and racial backgrounds. Most or all pictures on the internet of Rocketship Education show student bodies that consist of Latinos and blacks.