Those Who Underestimate Betsy DeVos Continue To Learn Why This Is A Bad Idea

Betsy DeVos was born in Holland, Michigan where the local Dutch community strongly supported educational choice. Her father was a wealthy man who ran an auto parts company, and she worked at the company during her younger years. DeVos studied at a private Christian high school and received her bachelor’s degree in business economics from a private Christian college named Calvin College. Throughout most of her life, she has fought for those who can’t afford to send their kids to a school of their choice and continues to do so.


Betsy DeVos became the Secretary of Education for the United States in 2017 and surprised Michigan residents when she appeared to have a hard time dealing with her opposition during her confirmation hearings. While many people assumed that she was upset after the hearings, DeVos simply moved on and got to work immediately after being confirmed. There was some confusion beforehand as president Trump was set to make an announcement that he had rescinded a law that allowed transgender people to use a bathroom of their choice. It was reported that DeVos disagreed with his decision, but she never showed her disapproval, at all.


Her silence cause some people to believe that she would just go along with anything that the Trump administration wanted. Michigan residents knew this wasn’t true because Betsy DeVos has never been the kind of woman to just go along with anything if she doesn’t agree with it. DeVos is a conservative Christian who has constantly butted heads with those who disagree with her points of view. In Michigan, she fought hard against opposition in order to help pass educational choice legislation, which now helps to pay the tuition for kids who can’t afford to go to charter or private schools.


On a national level, Betsy DeVos has helped to support legislation that does the same in states like Florida, Louisiana, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. In the past, many of her political opponents have underestimated her, and this has been to their own detriment. Randi Weingarten, a leader of one of the largest teachers unions, has commented, on record, that she believes it is a huge mistake to not take DeVos seriously. Weingarten supports many liberal causes and politicians, and DeVos was smart to call for a meeting with her as soon as she became Secretary of Education for the U.S. DeVos plans on continuing to make the nation a better place for all of its citizens and hopes to see new legislation passed that will support those who can’t afford to pay for a quality education for their children.


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