Dennis Lynch Rumson NJ Real Estate Analysis

Dennis Lynch Rumson NJ Real Estate Analysis

Real estate analysts are utility players in the world of real estate investing. They act as a bridge between investors, real estate agents, and property managers — or a conduit through which cash flows. Real estate experts check listings for accuracy and property details before submitting them to investors and managing agents via online sites like eXp Realty. Real estate analysts also help investors identify the best deals to acquire properties at the best prices. The best real estate analysis team is one you can trust with your finances and your future in real estate.

Dennis and Marshall Lynch Real Estate Analysts

Dennis and Marshall Lynch is a real estate analyst firm based in Rumson NJ and specializing in analyzing the market and determining the best time to buy real estate. This father and son analyst team can also identify where many markets have seen the highest or lowest rates of price growth. Dennis Lynch is the father of Marshall Lynch.

The real estate analysts let you know when it’s time to sell or buy your properties. You don’t want to keep holding onto rental properties or purchasing properties that won’t generate any cash flow for years.

They use various data to create trend maps to help investors see the potential for specific areas. These maps can help investors know how the demand for new homes, condos, and rental units can affect prices in their area and how those prices will likely change over time.


Real estate investing is a profit-making business, but it’s also a risky one. You need to know when to sell, buy, and wait for the best deals. You also need to identify when the market is falling and when it’s on the rise. That’s where working with a real estate analyst comes in. Real estate analysts can help you find the best deals, stay organized and manage the process of investing, so you don’t fall into the trap of day-trading.

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