How Mirabaud Makes Supporting Art Sustainable


In recent years, the Mirabaud Group has been exploring innovative new ways to make art accessible, including by supporting a range of new artists from emerging to established. In this post, we’ll share some interesting stories about the vision behind our sustainable initiatives and how they’re making a difference.

In today’s society, where art is often treated as a commodity to be traded for financial gain, it’s rare to find companies that truly support their local artistic communities in more than just lip service fashion. The downside is that the art world has become decidedly stratified. On one end, there are the global commercial galleries with their exclusive high-end art collections; on the other, there’s a large population of artists who struggle to make a living doing what they love.

Yet despite this divide, Mirabaud Group takes its role as a supporter of artistic communities seriously and believes strongly that supporting local artists is vital to preserving our cultural heritage and local identity. The Group has supported over 1,000 artists over the years and is a major supporter of the emerging art market.

To further its commitment to supporting artists, The banking group developed a unique approach to the way it supports emerging local talent that we call The Artist’s Dynamic. This strategy allows emerging artists to instantly attain professional art training and support that most galleries cannot provide. As part of the Artist’s Dynamic, Mirabaud works with them in all aspects of their business, including marketing and branding, while they still maintain their artistic independence.

The Artist’s Dynamic offers emerging artists an opportunity to develop beyond their early years as an artist by entering into a long-term creative partnership with Mirabaud. The latter share the risks and rewards of supporting each other’s work. This symbiotic partnership allows emerging artists to develop as artistic entrepreneurs while they continue developing their art.

As part of the Artist’s Dynamic, the group works with artists in all aspects of their business, including marketing and branding.

Mirabaud’s support for emerging local talent is especially important to us because it enables us to develop connections with the local communities in which we operate, which positively impacts our stakeholders. Click here for more information.


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