IM Academy

IM Academy is an innovative online provider of digital financial education tools and services that teaches essential Forex trading skills. Our proprietary learning platform helps our students learn and master the core concepts of currency trading quickly and effectively. We provide various tools and resources to help our students gain confidence, develop market awareness, and build relationships with the world’s leading money managers.

IM Academy was founded as a small start-up by two forex traders. With a vision to provide easy access to quality education for the average investor, the company offers interactive courses and tools designed to help students learn about the markets. Today, IM Academy has grown into one of the largest Forex Trading platforms, providing hundreds of thousands of users with financial education through various online resources.

IM prides itself on always being ahead. They’ve always kept a remote working model for their employees. Saving money on office space and company real estate allows them to hire high-quality people without any geographic limitations and to focus 100% of their energy on educating students. Because they’re not tied down to an office location, they can easily navigate coronavirus restrictions and continue offering online classes.

The videos give students access to various technical analysis tools, including live (real-time), historical, and candlestick charts. They also cover fundamental aspects of Stock Market Trading, such as charting techniques, indicators, and strategies professional traders use. In addition, the videos offer an overview of what they get from the various online courses offered through the virtual classroom. These include weekly live interactive video tutorials, where students interact with the instructor, receive answers to questions via IM chat and email, and participate in discussion forums.

Each live session lasts about an hour, including opportunities for students to ask queries and participate in discussions with the IM educator on the course’s particular topic area. Students may also access a library of prerecorded videos for each academy. Students may also download the IM application onto their tablet or smartphone, providing them easy access to all prerecorded courses for each academy. Visit this page to learn more.


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