Jason Hope at The Utopian

Jason Hope has been interested in cryptocurrencies for as long as he can remember. But, it wasn’t until he started getting involved with the crypto community that he finally realized the potential of this ever-growing industry and its global ecosystem. Since then, Jason has heavily invested in cryptocurrencies and is now a believer that cryptocurrency is the driving force for change across multiple industries. 


Jason Hope is convinced that cryptocurrency is capable of changing the world for the better in a way that some governments can’t. In his pursuit to share his vision with the community, he started an organization known as The Utopian. The Utopian’s focus is to help those living in poverty and distress by providing them with the resources they need to succeed through blockchain technology.                                                                                                                                                                                                      Jason Hope at Forbes Magazine


By creating a community where everyone’s individual needs are provided for and supported, the business expert is hopeful that research and development into new ideas can thrive. During his conversation with the activist investor and philanthropist Jason Hope, he stated: “The Utopian is my answer to the problems that humanity faces today. 


Cryptocurrencies give me the ability to create a better world for everybody from the person who has zero access to financial services, to governments who have immense power over their citizens’ lives, but today have an inability to utilize it.” The Utopian’s goal is to create a new society free of the problems we face today. 

In this contemporary society, cryptocurrencies will be the main funding source for research, development, and humanitarian efforts. There will be less need for monetary donations because anyone who receives assistance with their personal needs can contribute to The Utopian with cryptocurrency. According to Jason Hope, this revolutionary concept has already received support from multiple influencers in the crypto community.