JD.com’s Founder; Richard Liu


Richard Liu is the primary founder of JD.com and has been the company’s chief executive officer and chairman since 2004. Liu was born and raised in China and while growing up, his village had no running water or electricity. His parents once were wealthy but around the same time Liu was born, they had lost virtually everything and became rice farmers.

While they were off working, he was in charge of taking care of his grandmother who had taught him how to make the most of everything. Liu Qiangdong has learned, from his grandmother, how to make meals out of anything they had in the house.

Based upon his upbringing this caused Liu Qiangdong to grow strong ambitions and great goals in life he wanted to accomplish on his own. In his village, there is a village head, one of his goals was to become a village head himself solely because he would then give all the goods and share them with the rest of the community. After school, he attended Renmin University, which was based in a big city and was exactly what he wanted since he spent his whole life in a small village that did not have much to offer.

During his time at school, Richard found he had a good insight to computers, more specifically programming. He saved up for months and finally had enough to buy his own computer and began studying the knowledge of programming.

Even though his website has had great success, it also had some failures as well and he never let that deter him away from finding success. His company is now one of the largest. sales company in the world, and is the third biggest company in all of China. He has received many awards throughout his career focusing on his accomplishments and achievements. Visit this page to learn more.


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