Knowing the award-winning Journalist and Author: Simon Denyer

Denyer began his career as a foreign correspondent at The Washington Post and Reuters. He was born in England to two journalists, and he followed their footsteps into journalism. Simon Denyer has a long career as a journalist. Despite his long experience as a journalist in Asia and worldwide, Denyer was surprised to find himself on assignment in central Brazil just weeks ago when an election campaign turned violent against protesters outside Congress.

Denyer’s journalism career spans more than 25 years with The Washington Post and Reuters. In addition to his Pulitzer Prize-winning stories in 2020, he won a George Polk Award for reporting on how climate change affects sea ice and the salmon caught off northern Japan. He also worked for The Atlantic covering American politics, taking twice-weekly trips to Washington to cover Congress, White House events, and policy debates.

Simon Denyer is committed to his work across the world. He has published in three languages-English, Japanese, and Chinese-and he speaks French fluently. Furthermore, Simon covered many other international stories, such as how China meddles with democracy around Asia by supporting autocratic regimes or propping up dictatorships.

Finally, he was one of few journalists who commented on Brexit before the 2016 vote. Simon Denyer covered Brexit from London throughout 2015-2016, when it was all still fresh news. In recent years he’s covered stories like Trump’s presidency from afar, profiled Obama’s legacy in Kenya, and Ethiopia’s transition to democracy. He reported extensively from Gaza during Israel-Hamas clashes, covered conflicts in Iraq and Syria that have displaced millions, or witnessed first-hand atrocities committed by ISIS.

Denyer’s focus is on telling stories that are important to the world, emphasizing climate change and global policy. Simon Denyer was one of the first reporters to break the news in Afghanistan after 9/11, discovering Osama bin Laden hiding in a military compound near Kabul.

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