Mahmoud Khattab, the CEO of Precision MD.

Mahmoud Khattab was born in March 1915. He has been an entrepreneur for a couple of decades. Khattab is the CEO of Precision MD. His exemplary services in cosmetic surgery have earned him a good reputation.

Precision MD, situated in Elk Grove, California, deals with plastic surgery. Khattab established this business after graduating from the University of Damascus in Syria, then moved to America. He first practiced his career as a surgeon at Case Western Hospital in Cleveland. Khattab saw plastic surgery as a better type of medicine as it made people feel happy. He, therefore, specialized in plastic surgery.

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Precision MD was started from scratch by renting offices. After a short time, the business grew, and now it was becoming reliable to people. This was due to his excellent management skills. His dedication to the company through great effort and giving it much time has ensured the growth of Precision MD.

Khattab has prioritized his employees and patients by providing the best services to them and ensuring they are happy. These Khattab’s leadership skills are a true definition of effective leadership skills.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, California has focused much on healthcare development. Strict rules have been made, leading to Khattab experiencing a lot of pressure, making him be at the top of his game in service provision as CEO. He keeps himself informed on the newest laws and regulations in practicing medicine in California. This has helped him to understand the industry trends.

Khattab has shown the best leadership skills that other CEOs can copy. He has always been on top of everything he does, and his vision to take Precision MD to greater heights is something all leaders should emulate. Khattab believes that being a good leader, it is crucial to deal with other people. He also believes that one must have the ability and knowledge to manage people while they are working, so they will be able to achieve their targets and productivity.