Mitto AG Releases Study On Poor Customer Experience

Mitto AG recently released a study that concluded 76% of Americans find a poor customer experience to be worse than having their deliveries delayed. 55% of consumers have canceled a package delivery because it would be late. 91% stated they can live with a late delivery if the company has good customer service. They’re much more likely to order from a company that they know has treated customers well.

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Ilja Gorelik is the co-founder and COO of Mitto. He said the study shows good customer service is incredibly important to companies. People know there are supply chain disruptions that are delaying packages from being delivered. They’re willing to live with this as long as they are treated well by the company they ordered a product from. Companies need to focus on communicating effectively with consumers, so they gain trust and loyalty from them. This greatly helps things when uncontrollable things occur when shipping a package.

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Mitto is a German company that provides global, omnichannel communication services. Its services include SMS, Chat and Voice and App APIs. Other services include end-to-end phone management and business messaging. Mitto is one of the leading companies in its industry.

Ilja Gorelik co-founded Mitto in July 2013. He is also an angel investor who has helped startups across Europe. The companies he has helped through angel investing include Moovit, MUV Interactive and SOLOMOTO. He was also a co-founder of LOVOO, which is one of the top-rated dating apps in Europe to know more click here.