How Stream Energy gives back to the Dallas community

While many companies engage in corporate social responsibility just to be in good books with the authorities, at Stream Energy philanthropy is part of their culture. Stream, a hugely successful energy sales company, is fully dedicated to philanthropy; a culture the company has adhered to since it was established in August 2004 by Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshajki.

The Dallas based company recently established a welfare foundation dubbed, Stream Cares, to advance its philanthropy causes in Texas and the entire states of the U.S. Stream Energy is not one of those companies to just write a check and sit back in the offices hoping the check will solve everything. Rather, Stream, through its employees, is directly involved in the lives of the people they support.

This was the case in Houston, when Hurricane Harvey hit the region, leaving in its path, devastating effects that led to the loss of livelihoods of many people. Stream Energy was the first company to engage the victims of the hurricane, availing food, medicine and temporary shelters for the victims, besides helping them build their financial lives back up again.

The decision of Stream Energy to establish the charity branch, Stream Cares Foundation, although, not a common practice for many corporations, is a big stride towards fulfilling their social responsibility. The Stream Care Foundation will not only be beneficial to more people in the community but also gains Stream, massive accolades from customers and shareholders who feel they are part of a noble act in the community.

Having already established long-standing collaborations with notable charity groups such as the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity, Stream Energy is better placed to spearhead to identify and support the most effective philanthropic causes.

Top on Stream’s list of noble causes is their goal to eradicate or contain homelessness in Dallas. To spearhead this cause, Stream came up with Hope Supply Co. Through the Hope project, Stream Energy is able to establish the number of homeless people in Dallas and direct their funding towards the cause. Additionally, Stream’s annual Splash for Hope initiative gives the company’s employees and associates an opportunity to directly be of service to the homeless, by serving them food and helping them get a roof over their heads

Guilherme Paulus: Behind CVC Brasil Operadora

Guilherme Paulus began his career as an intern at IBM. He quickly rose up the ranks and became a corporate ladder climber, jumping from one managerial position to another. While working at Casa Faro, he met a state deputy named Carlos Vicente Cerchiari.

They began talking and discovered they both had an interest in the tourism industry. Paulus had no real experience, but he loved a challenge and was inspired by Cerchiari’s passion. Cerchiari told Paulus how he always wanted to open a tourist agency in Santo Andre. After working out all the minute details, they opened CVC Brasil Operadora on a high-traffic street near the cinema.

Though Guilherme Paulus had no experience, he was a fast learner and innovative when it came to bringing in new customers. Cerchiari trusted Paulus enough to solely fund the company until they were profitable. Four years after opening, Cerchiari left to pursue other opportunities, but Paulus remained in the tourism business.

For Guilherme Paulus, hard work and determination are only part of success in life. Another part of success is being appreciative and optimistic. Every day, after waking up, Paulus is thankful for all his blessings and all the hardworking employees that contribute to his companies’ success.

He’s also thankful for the many technological advances made over the years. Before, keeping track of everything he needed to do was difficult and time-consuming. Now, he keeps his weekly schedule with him at all times and can work from anywhere.

As founder and operator of CVC and GJP Hotels and Resorts, he travels much of the year. Through technology, he’s able to stay in contact with his team. The exchange of ideas and up-to-date information between Paulus and his employees allows both companies to function as one entity at times.

That symbiotic connection also allowed Paulus to grow Brazil’s domestic tourism. International tourism is usually the primary focus, which permitted CVC to capitalize on an underserved market. In the 80s, Paulus expanded that success by introducing chartered flights.

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The Talented Alastair Borthwick Defy Odds to Express His Free-Spirited Nature

People who are bold enough to express their school of thought often find themselves at loggerheads with the authority especially if their views contradict with what is laid out. Alastair Borthwick may have had his share but his account of the series of the post-war from the positions he held in the battalion makes his life even more interesting.

Although he has not much formal education, Alastair was determined and inherently has an appealing character which takes him to places he would have been denied for his education. Borthwick joined the war after it broke out, his services required at the Western Desert and Europe. At the time he simultaneously was involved in writing up and military as well. He sailed through to become the captain although he predominantly was acting as a battalion intelligence officer.

He recounts on occasion where he led 600 army men through German only to hold siege the enemy at Seaforth. The account of the uprising moments as told by Alastair Borthwick makes it captivating since he is rich in literature and had a comprehension of the event as they took place. In as much as he tells of a state of civil unrest and uncertainty, he altogether portrays it as fun and as an adventure.

About Alastair Borthwick

Alastair Borthwick can best be described as the man in the media. He was a writer and broadcaster among other roles and ventures he got into throughout his life. He is the author of Always a Little Further, Sana Peur, Sans Peur as Battalion among other publications. Through his literary work, he has been able to shelf the skeleton of the warring times of the World War which he was part of in various capacities.

He was born in 1913 in Rutherglen Lanarkshire. He grew up in Ayrshire before his family relocated to Glasgow when he was only 11 years of age. He began his elementary education as a normal kid but before long became a copytaker at Evening Times, a job that made him abandon school. He has since then worked on various platforms including the Glasgow Weekly Herald, and host shows such as the Master-Builders, Spellbinder, and Inventors.

The difference that Marc Beer is making

Renovia Inc. is a startup that was co-founded by Marc Beer. The process will now move forward because they have come up with new products that will take care of the pelvic Floor after on Tuesday they closed a series B round that will be $32 million, together with $10 million that will be for venture debt. The MedTech Company that is located in Boston is coming up with therapeutic products and diagnostic to diseases like urinary incontinence that will affect the pelvic floor and research conducted showed that the disease affects 250 million women around the world. The first product that was released by Renovia called Leva received the approval by the FDA in April.

Longwood Fund is the first company that invested in Renovia, and they participated in the Series B round, which was conducted by Perceptive advisors based in New York City and ascension ventures that are based in Missouri. The funding is not expected to stop there because the company has four more other diagnostic and therapeutic products that they want to launch, which will include a new and developed Leva device. Marc Beer, the CEO of Renovis, is so thrilled by the support that he received from healthcare investors that share the same goal as him.

Marc attended Miami University where he attained his BS in business. After he left university, he got so many positions in sale and marketing in pharmaceutical companies. Marc offered his services at Abbott Laboratories where he was responsible for diagnostic. The other company that he worked at was Genzyme where he was in the department of sales and marketing, later rising to the position of vice president of global marketing. There he was responsible for launching the gene-based applications that would treat rare disorder all over the world. Marc Beer has been in the industry of commercialization and development for the past 25 years. Gaining the needed experience of being excellent in biotechnology, diagnostic, device industries, and pharmaceuticals.

In 2000, Marc Beer was hired to offer his services at VaiCell being the Chief Executive Officer. The company deals with the preservation, collection, and development of the blood stem cells contained in the umbilical cord. Under his leadership, the company received nothing but success because they raised the number of employees to 300. The other company that he founded is the Good Start Genetics Compensation Committee-GSGCC where he is the chairman and founding chairman. In the Minerva Neuroscience Inc. Committee he is among the members. For Marc Beer Renovia was the first venture that he created. Mark Beer career has been filled with so many accomplishments that people all over the world learn from up to date. All the companies that he worked at were all to prepare him for his position now at Renovis. Learn more:


Those Who Underestimate Betsy DeVos Continue To Learn Why This Is A Bad Idea

Betsy DeVos was born in Holland, Michigan where the local Dutch community strongly supported educational choice. Her father was a wealthy man who ran an auto parts company, and she worked at the company during her younger years. DeVos studied at a private Christian high school and received her bachelor’s degree in business economics from a private Christian college named Calvin College. Throughout most of her life, she has fought for those who can’t afford to send their kids to a school of their choice and continues to do so.


Betsy DeVos became the Secretary of Education for the United States in 2017 and surprised Michigan residents when she appeared to have a hard time dealing with her opposition during her confirmation hearings. While many people assumed that she was upset after the hearings, DeVos simply moved on and got to work immediately after being confirmed. There was some confusion beforehand as president Trump was set to make an announcement that he had rescinded a law that allowed transgender people to use a bathroom of their choice. It was reported that DeVos disagreed with his decision, but she never showed her disapproval, at all.


Her silence cause some people to believe that she would just go along with anything that the Trump administration wanted. Michigan residents knew this wasn’t true because Betsy DeVos has never been the kind of woman to just go along with anything if she doesn’t agree with it. DeVos is a conservative Christian who has constantly butted heads with those who disagree with her points of view. In Michigan, she fought hard against opposition in order to help pass educational choice legislation, which now helps to pay the tuition for kids who can’t afford to go to charter or private schools.


On a national level, Betsy DeVos has helped to support legislation that does the same in states like Florida, Louisiana, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. In the past, many of her political opponents have underestimated her, and this has been to their own detriment. Randi Weingarten, a leader of one of the largest teachers unions, has commented, on record, that she believes it is a huge mistake to not take DeVos seriously. Weingarten supports many liberal causes and politicians, and DeVos was smart to call for a meeting with her as soon as she became Secretary of Education for the U.S. DeVos plans on continuing to make the nation a better place for all of its citizens and hopes to see new legislation passed that will support those who can’t afford to pay for a quality education for their children.


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The Future is Electric: Matt Badiali

While attending college at Penn State, Matt Badiali, majored in both geology and earth science. It was not until pursuing his doctorate in 2004, did Badiali begin to redirect his career focus towards his secondary passion of finance. He was approached by a financial expert, in need of his geological advice specifically in the area of natural resource investments. After some initial discussion, Badiali was offered a company position working on geological investment research. It was at this moment that Badiali says that he found his true career calling.

Matt Badiali began editing and publishing with Banyan Hill, a financial newsletter, in 2017 under the alias of Real Wealth Strategist. Real Wealth Strategist, offers readers expert advice on natural resource investing, with topics ranging from concrete materials, oil, and metals, to agricultural commodities. Badiali contributes his success as a financial advice editor and publisher to his extensive background and his ongoing passion for finance. Indicating that only an editor with specific expertise could produce comprehensible material, that any average person could effortlessly digest. The more informative and concise an article presents itself, the more impactful is on an individual’s capacity to learn complex material.

Matt Badiali views his position at Banyan Hill, as the ideal opportunity to fully utilize all of his expertise. In the pursuit of transforming how the natural resource market is interpreted, each monthly report published by Matt Badiali is the result of first-hand conducted research. The research is done in most cases at the source. Highlighting field studies done in global areas presently dominating the geological and natural resource markets, such as Hong Kong and Canada. While on these excursions, care is taken to investigate the quality and quantity of the natural resources being brought to market, as well as their overall economic success on a global scale.

In his interview with, Matt Badiali predicts that in the near future, electricity will become the dominant source of power. Mentioning the high potential for electricity to replace other fuel sources, such as gasoline, propane, and diesel as a cleaner energy source.

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Talkspace Teams Up With Michael Phelps to Promote Mental Health

Michael Phelps has been on top of the sporting world on many occasions. The 23-time Olympic gold medal winner knows what it’s like to win and have success. He knows as much as anyone that even the strong can go through common problems such as anxiety and depression. That is why he has partnered with Talkspace, the leading company in online therapy, to help to bring mental health treatment to our fingertips.

For Phelps, the reasons to partner with Talkspace are simple, yet noble: to endeavor to bring affordable and easily accessible mental health treatment to everyone with an internet connection. The shared goals of Talkspace and Phelps are to remove the stigma which surrounds mental health issues. When he was dealing with depression and anxiety it was difficult at first to find the help he needed, at least at first. “As I started opening up and talking about my issues, I felt strength, not vulnerability” Phelps said in the joint announcement with Talkspace.

What is unique about Talkspace is the accessibility. Users of the platform can trade messages with their therapist whenever they are nearby their smartphone, tablet or computer. The therapists are screened and licensed, and the encrypted conversations which unfold are safe and confidential. There’s oversight from industry professionals as well as researchers from the top universities and health care centers.

The company has been around since 2012 and was founded by Oren and Roni Frank. They have taken the process of professional therapy and brought it out of the traditional space and into the online world. What is a typical day in the life of a Talkspace therapist?

Talkspace therapists can sometimes have day jobs, but that doesn’t get in the way of helping others through the company. Employees can attend to clients in the mornings before work, in the evenings after dinner, on their lunch hour or anywhere between. It’s a company which offers flexibility for both clients and the professionals which make up the core of the company. That brings happiness to client and therapist alike.

Gareth Henry Investing In The Future

Gareth Henry has had many different types of jobs in the financial and investment side of things. One of the main jobs though is being the leader of many different global investment management companies. This article is going to give you a little deeper look into Gareth Henry. Gareth Henry went through a lot of schooling to teach him about investing companies, and to get him to where he is today. Gareth has a lot of experience in making the areas of private credit and equity larger than what they already are. He has a great grasp on knowing mathematical side of investments. This makes Gareth Henry better at his job than most, because a lot of people do not get the mathematical side of things.

Gareth has a great work ethic that makes him stand out more than many others. This has helped him to grow his name in the investing industry. Private credit has seen a large growth over the past few years. This is because of many different reasons including changes in regulations for banks, challenges with public companies, and a requirement of quarterly reports. In an interview with, Gareth talked about how the trend toward single asset investments and direct dealing of private equity and credit firms.

Gareth has a different kind of grasp on mathematical and a different industry experience that helps to make him a unique candidate for this type of job in the investment industry. This has also helped him to start and continue to grow a successful career. Prior to starting his job with Fortress, he was employed by many different investment firms. Gareth started out small, but has continued to grow into a well known investment leader. Gareth is working hard to continue to grow himself and his business. He wants to become even more successful, and with the investment industry growing in todays world, so will Gareth.

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Paul Mampilly On Investment Trends to Follow

When it comes to growing investment trends, Paul Mampilly can see them from a mile away. He received financial education in college and on Wall Street. He studied finance and accounting at Montclair State University and achieved a BBA in both subjects. He also earned a Master’s degree in finance from Fordham Graduate School of Business in 1997. With a Master’s degree in finance, Mampilly was ready to hit the business world running. He started on Wall Street and worked several decades mainly as a hedge fund manager. This career would present him with many opportunities that allow him to catapult his career into overdrive. He participated in the Templeton Foundation Investment competition and won. With this prestigious win in his name, Paul Mampilly was featured on many TV networks like FOX Business News, Bloomberg TV, and CNBC, showing his financial prowess.

Paul Mampilly is the founder of the popular financial newsletter Profits Unlimited. He has over 100,000 subscribers who tune into hear the financial guru’s latest investment stock picks. Not only does he recommend stock picks, but also small-cap stocks, special opportunities, growth investing, and technology. He puts in considerable amount of work for each stock, making sure over time and with lots of research that these recommendations are as sold as possible. Now, Paul has followed up his first newsletter with two more. They are Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum. They all provide different services aimed to help people become financially wealthy and independent.

There are a few trends that Paul Mampilly recommends people to invest in now. There are growing in popularity and are not going away anytime soon. The first one is technology. This includes electric cars, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence. The world of technology is growing and is only going to get much bigger in the future. Also smart investment Paul recommends is precision medicine. This specific kind of medicine is based on every individual’s DNA. Doctors and physicians will be able to diagnose, treat, and help patients with their individual results. The one size fits all method is going to be yesterday’s news when it comes to precision medicine.

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Ted Bauman and His Take on Amazon’s Monopoly

Who is Ted Bauman?

Mr. Bauman is an economist. He writes for the Banyan Hill Publishing. Bauman has three publications with them. He writes the Bauman Letter and Smart Money to name a couple of the publications he does for Banyan Hill. Ted Bauman has many opinions on Amazon.

What is Ted Bauman’s Take on Amazon?

While many in the United States think Amazon is creating a monopoly and less competition Mr. Bauman does not think this is the case. He says it might appear this way but Amazon still has too much competition to be creating a full monopoly. Some of Amazon’s competition includes Walmart, Target, and Macy’s. These sites also have brick-and-mortar stores.

Does Ted Bauman Have Anything Else to Say About Amazon?

Yes, Mr. Bauman warns investors of Amazon that the stock for Amazon will be versatile. What he means by this is that as long as there are those who are complaining that Amazon is creating a monopoly the stock price for Amazon will continue to be affected. When the stock price is affected it will not be affected in a positive way. The stock prices will drop and investors will begin to worry about their investments.

Where Did Ted Bauman Attend College?

Ted Bauman was born in Washington DC and raised in Maryland. When he finished high school he immigrated to South Africa. He went to college in South Africa. While spending two decades in South Africa he founded an organization to help with low-cost housing projects. His organization call Slum Dwellers has helped more than fourteen million people in thirty-five countries find decent homes to live in.

Where Does Bauman Live Today?

Mr. Bauman lives in the United States today. He takes up residence in the state of Georgia. Bauman has a wife and a young daughter. Mr. Bauman has an office in the basement of his Georgia home. He often takes his daughter to school in the morning then promptly begins work upon returning home. No one is allowed to bother him when he is in his office. He ends his day at 5 PM.

Here’s How the Bull Market Dies