A Master on Fitness: The Story of Edgard Corona

Edgard Corona is a master of fitness, and the story behind his success starts with hardship. Born in Brazil to parents who were both professional dancers, Edgard’s childhood was not easy. At age 18, he was diagnosed with cancer and had to undergo chemotherapy treatments for two years. He credits this experience with teaching him how to be strong mentally and physically.

Today Edgard has over 10 years of experience training clients at Academia Smart-Fit in Sao Paulo, where he still lives. He has been featured in various fitness publications and was a contestant on NBC’s hit show, The Biggest Loser. In 2013, he became a celebrity trainer for Nike Brazil and filmed a series of tutorial videos demonstrating his unique dance-based method of endurance training.

Edgard’s dedication to health and wellness led him to create the Edgard Corona Nutrition Plan, a nutritional course that is now the most successful and popular online fitness program in Brazil. Now Mr. Corona is bringing his nutrition plan to the US market. As an international trainer and business owner, Edgard understands how difficult it can be for people who live outside of America to access the products they need through Bio Ritmo.

“People spend a lot of money on products that might not work,” he says. In addition, sometimes the cost of shipping is more than the price tag of the product itself! Backed by decades of experience in training and nutrition, Edgard Corona of SmartFit has developed a nutritional supplement line that meets his high standards for quality.

In addition to approaching fitness from a holistic perspective, Mr. Corona also uses his expertise to SmartFit develop efficient workout plans that are designed with the busy American life in mind. “I know you have a lot of things going on,” Edgard says. “Life is difficult enough as it is. You don’t need added stress or pressure about your diet! I’ve created a program that doesn’t require half an hour in the kitchen every day. You don’t even have to cook! All you have to do is stop by your local grocery store or market and stock up on our ready-made products, which are designed for convenience. To know more click: here.