Apple Makes Millions After Rebranding And Relaunching The Coveted Citizen App


Safety is one area of human life that is often overlooked. The majority of people are reluctant to know how safe is their residing places. However, with the rampant cases of insecurity broadcasted all over the news, the majority of people are interested in knowing real stories on a real-time basis of areas around them and across other cities.

This is in the quest of ensuring the safety of their loved ones and theirs too. It has been depicted that News apps have played a significant in informing people about the happenings around them. But on the contrary, if we were to be cautious about our safety and security, a more immediate app is necessary.

The citizen app has been designed in a way that it can provide people with instant and genuine access to 911 information that is verified and safety alerts on a real-time basis. Citizen App has been credited with keeping people and their loved ones situationally safe and aware. The app has registered over 234,000 downloads and approximately 7 million users since its inception in May 2020.

Citizen App has continually registered steady growth with the majority of people using it to check on the presence of men in uniform. A significant number of people use the app to ensure that there is safety in demonstrations and protests in their cities of residence.

Possibly you have found yourself wondering or curious to know what is this Citizen app? How is it used? What can it do? We start by defining what is Citizen app is. This is an app that commenced in “Vigilante” in the year 2016. The New York-based app that is said to have been around for a while was pulled by Apple within 48 hours of its magnificent launch from its store. Apple rebranded and relaunched the app in the year 2017 and dubbed it as Citizen app. Read this article for additional information.


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