Edgard Corona: Harvard and Stanford Educated Entrepreneur

Edgard Corona is the force behind SmartFit, Bio Ritmo and many other successful online marketing campaigns. He has helped companies like Coca-Cola, Adidas and Nike develop their online presence in Mexico. With a background in both music production and marketing Edgard Corona has always been passionate about telling stories through his work.

Edgard Corona is a Harvard and Stanford educated entrepreneur who studied Economics at ITAM in Mexico City. It was there that he met the co-founder of SmartFit, Gerardo Saravia. Edgard began his career writing songs with recording artist like Paulina Rubio and Mana before working on advertising campaigns for Coca Cola, Adidas, Nike and other leading brands.

When Edgard and Gerardo began working on SmartFit they combined his love for marketing with his passion for music to create a revolutionary way of reaching customers through online advertising, especially in Mexico where more people are getting their news online rather than from traditional newspapers.

Edgard says “We tell stories about our company or brand to consumers through music.”

This marketing strategy has helped the companies grow to be one of the leading companies in Mexico. More recently Edgard Corona has used the same strategy for his other online business ventures like Bio Ritmo, a website that offers viewers music based on their DNA and Personal Audio Advisor , an online tool that helps people choose songs for different life moments.

The company was a finalist at the South by Southwest Festival in 2012 and Edgard is now looking to expand his company with offices not only in Mexico but also with a presence in the United States.

Edgard is an example of how the new generation of Mexicans are combining their entrepreneurial spirit and innovative ideas with a deep passion for reaching customers in creative ways. Besides winning awards for his work Edgard believes that the most important award is “The satisfaction on your customer’s face when they tell you: ‘I like what you do.'”