Grants Assist Australia: Independent Company Based in Melbourne, Australia

Grants Assist is an independent company based in Melbourne, Australia. The company prides itself on being dynamic and flexible in its approach to client service delivery and remaining proactive across a broad range of industries.

Over the past 16 years, Grants Assist has helped clients receive over $13.6 million to complete over 200 projects and programs. They are experts in their field and can provide you with guidance on successfully making an application for a grant program. With the assistance of Grants Assist, you will receive all the necessary information you need to apply for your grant. keep reading to discover more.

They Design a Project, Prepare Application Documents and Manage Projects Through to Completion.

 They Work with businesses to ensure they’re successful in applying for grants and managing the project through to completion. As part of the process, they can help you design a project that is eligible for funding and prepare application documents. Once your project is approved, Grants Assist can also provide ongoing assistance to manage the project through its completion to comply with all requirements. 

They Secure Funds for New and Innovative Projects That Support Business, Community, and Individual Needs.

Grants Assist Australia has assisted over 200 clients in successfully applying for grants totaling more than $13.6 million. We are experts with a strong track record in securing funding for new and innovative projects that support business, community, and individual needs.

They Support Organizations of All Sizes, Including Not-For-Profit, Corporate, and Community Groups.

Regardless of what your organization needs, they can help you find the proper funding and grants. They support organizations of all sizes, including not-for-profit, corporate, and community groups. They cover a broad range of industries. Their consultants have expertise in many fields, so they can guide you through the process and ensure that you apply for appropriate funding for your business or project.

As a client of Grants Assist, you’ll have access to our expertise and experience in all areas of the grants lifecycle. This can include helping you to identify appropriate funding sources, developing project concepts and drafting applications, managing projects through to completion, and sourcing additional funds where necessary.