Miki Agrawal an inspirational figure in the world of business

About Miki Agrawal

Michaela Miki is an ex-professional soccer player and a proud mum of the proud mother of Hiro Happy. She pursued her studies at Cornell University.


She was one of the women who were involved in the founding of THINX. She is also a co-founder and the current CEO of the company. Her job entails working day and night to keep up with orders and new ideas for production.

As a successful businesswoman, Miki Agrawal can look back on her career and be happy with many of her accomplishments. Her career is driven by passion, and she is always ready to take on new challenges throughout the world. Undoubtedly, Miki Agrawal’s experiences throughout her career have shaped her into the person she is today.

Miki is best known for her work as the founder of THINX. As a self-proclaimed inventor of period-proof underwear, Miki has spread her fame worldwide and is now the face of THINX. The company has received many awards from consumer groups, including the Green Business Award.

Develop your ideal life and ignite your passionate projects

It’s all too easy to experience failure and get humiliated because we are afraid to fail. We put people ahead of our needs to make sure they don’t drop the ball, and we also avoid taking risks since we’re scared.

In a recent interview, Miki Agrawal tells us her life journey as a Division 1 female soccer star to establish WILD, an eatery in New York City. Later on, she created and introduced THINX period-proof undergarments. Additionally, Miki developed an inventive toilet product TUSHY.

TUSHY, Miki’s business, transformed the American toilet sector using a trendy, affordable, stylish toilet attachment that enhances human health and hygiene while reducing toilet paper waste.

As part of their relationship with Samagra, the team strives to alleviate the sanitation emergency globally. They provide clean latrines to underprivileged groups in India.

By following Miki’s strategy for turning failure into revelation, you will learn how to take charge of how you feel and act in moments of failure. You will discover that turning every failure into a learning experience can provide insight into areas where you can better serve your purpose. You will be able to make the most out of every situation in life.