Philip Belamant Wants to See Change in the Buy Now Pay Later Industry

Over the past decade, Philip Belamant has utilized a wide range of cutting-edge financial technologies to establish his various business enterprises. In this way, he achieved the goal of a healthy disruption, which empowers populations that do not have bank accounts and stimulates monetary inclusion without causing damage to existing infrastructures. This article will investigate how he has taken advantage of environments to bring accessibility to clients, fortified an alteration in rules to protect these customers, and constructed a value flywheel through Zilch, satisfying the demands of modern-day customers.

According to Philip Belamant, the most effective form of disruption changes the behaviors and routines of customers without necessitating significant alterations to the ecosystems that already exist. He creates technological ideas that help use existing ecosystems and build upon them, rather than attempting to circumvent or destroy the structures that are already in place.

PBel, which is among Philip Belamant’s earlier ventures, created a branchless banking prospect for low-income people who could not access banking services and reserved all of their money in cash. PBel’s target demographic consisted of people who did not have access to bank accounts and managed to keep all of their money in cash. This model is now known as the business-to-business-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C) model.

PBel’s model for the allocation of virtual airtime, on the other hand, involved loaning airtime straight to the customer and collecting loans from the unchanged sub-vendor facilities. This strategy maintained the health of the ecosystem while giving customers the option to purchase airtime and power and pay additional bills without leaving the convenience of their own homes. Zilch, the newest multi-billion dollar project from Philip Belamant, has achieved a similar level of disruption. Zilch is a provider of BNPL services. Without triggering any interruption to the preexisting payments and marketing ecosystem, the market-leading company in this space has made it easier for each product in the UK to receive payments in installments. Zilch’s revenue comes from affiliate commissions; therefore, the company meets all of its revenue goals solely through technology and does not require the employment of a sizable workforce of salespeople to do so.

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