PosiGen Solar Energy

In the vision of ensuring that power gets to all people, PosiGen has been at the forefront in ensuring it is well implemented. Solar is driven by the desire to make solar affordable to all persons and ensure access to power is done with ease, ensuring not to discriminate the low-to-moderate income earners from the rich. PosiGen CEO states that the solar leasing program by the solar power firm has been key in driving the solar leasing program. 


In addition, up to now they have had success in ensuring that all persons can benefit from it. The PosiGen firm´s solar leasing program has been in force since 2012, and it is a popular program. Since the project’s inception, families save money and have found it easy to have an excellent investment in their homes and have access to electricity. PosiGen CEO informs that the solar leasing program has been implemented in the solar power firm project in different ways.


In addition, it is a popular program among all persons. The PosiGen solar leasing program has been designed to ensure that all persons benefit from it. The program is attractive because there is no upfront cost required, only monthly payments. Also, PosiGen CEO recalls, the payment schedule ensures that every person interested in having a solar system installed in their homes can take advantage of it.


Led by PosiGen CEO, the program has increased saving trends among families, and they have been using the system efficiently. The communities have also secured job opportunities through the program, and the PosiGen solar leasing program has been a success story. The people of New Orleans are a part of the success story because they have the PosiGen solar leasing program in their homes, and their environment is well kept.

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