Robert Kraft Pushes For Gillette Stadium To Host Upcoming World Cup

After 1994 when Robert Kraft took control of the New England Patriots, he ensured a grass surface was installed at the Foxboro Stadium. His main goal was to attract games during that year’s world cup. Similarly, he wants to apply the same technique if Gillette stadium’s plea for games on the 2026 World Cup is approved.

The FIFA officials who became a part of both Robert Kraft and Brian Bilello, the president of the revolution, have been presented with the plans. The plans include having a tour at the Gillette Stadium on Wednesday morning. The Gillette officials promised to make the stadium much better by getting rid of the current synthetic surface and adapting one that would return the real turf. Some sideline seats would have to be eliminated to meet the required field width.

The hope is that Gillette Stadium will be approved for six matches, two for the elimination contests and the other four for the stage games. This is just how the world cup games in 1994 were at Foxboro stadium. The cost of infrastructure for the modification will be high, but the revenue that will be expected is worth it. Other than revenue, there are other added advantages like exposure and prestige since the games would be broadcasted on televisions across the globe. When it comes to preferences among the 17 US stadiums, Gillette happens to be the favorite. The other stadiums are considered newer than Gillette, which was started in 2002.

The adjustments made in the stadium would reduce its maximum capacity. However, Gillette officials intend to deal with FIFA concerning the dimensions. Robert Kraft had made a statement saying that they looked forward to hosting the upcoming World Cup in 2026. Robert Kraft, a citizen of Brookline, Mass, is one of the successful entrepreneurs. He built the Kraft group through his values of team building, hard work, and a spirit of an entrepreneur that he indeed bears. See this page for additional information.


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