Super Lawyer- Juan Monteverde

Juan Monteverde is an advocate in the legal industry. Since his career as an attorney, Juan has been representing organizations and high-profile individuals in merger cases, helping his clients exploit shareholder value as he recovers compensations and improves merger contacts. Monteverde has worked in the legal industry for a while and has gained vast experience and skills. To serve his customers well, Juan has written several articles on merges, and he is invited to events including ACI, ABA, and PLI to talk about executive compensation.

 Juan Monteverde is recognized in the legal sector for his work. In 2017-2019 Juan was honored as a New York Metro Rising Star in Securities Litigation, and in 2013 he was selected by the Super Lawyers. He has also known as a Top-Rated Lawyer, an award he received in 2017-2021: Juan Monteverde and the managing partner of Monteverde & Associates PC. The attorney established the legal firm to help protect shareholders by protecting their rights. Juan can run his business due to his acquired education and skills. He has a degree in Finance and law and has served in two law firms before creating his own.

Juan Monteverde is not an ordinary lawyer and investor. He is a go-getter committed to achieving his goals through three principles: discipline, motivation, and creativity. Since the foundation of the Monteverde 7 Associates PC, it has experienced a tremendous expansion; within a short period, it has grown from 2 to 8 lawyers. The team at the firm is committed to serving their clients by meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations. Juan mentioned that the covid-19 pandemic had affected the business. According to the attorney, it was not easy to think that the organization would not be holding meetings with legal experts to discuss litigation and trial plans.

Juan Monteverde believes that he is a trendsetter, and he does not follow what others are doing. Instead, he does what others are not doing.

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