The San Diego´s Leading Commercial Property Negotiator: Jason Hughes

Jason Hughes, a San Diego-based entrepreneur, is the CEO and initiator of Hughes Marino. The San Diego-based tenant and buyer representation firm, Hughes Marino, is headed by Jason and his wife. The influential businessman has been in the realm since the 1980s, where he first worked for the Los Angeles- based Cushman & Wakefield. Jason Hughes would later represent non-profit and municipal clients in the commercial property industry for almost 30 years. Jason’s expertise is due to his academic achievements and many years of experience. Jason Hughes has a B.S. in Business Administration and MBA from Pepperdine University and San Diego University. 


However, Jason’s passion for more knowledge has seen him take executive courses from different institutions of higher learning, including UCLA, UCSD, and Harvard University. As a result of his expertise and academic qualifications, Jason features in popular business publications and television programs. Their company is among the best places for employees to work. Jason Hughes and Shay, his wife, have been influential figures in the lease and purchase negotiations. Under their leadership, the firm has grown and, as a result, opened numerous offices across the country to serve innumerable clients efficiently. 


According to Jason, added services and customer guarantees are the pillars behind a solid customer relationship. Jason Hughes has contributed to legislation protecting clients and firms in the tenant representation industry during his career. In 2014, he pioneered the California legislation, Dual Agency Disclosure Bill, which came into effect in 2015. Jason Hughes explains that SB 1171 has since increased commercial tenants’ fairness and transparency. According to the 2015 SB 1171, it is a legal requirement for commercial tenants to get advice in writing from property brokers representing landlords and tenants.

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