What Does Jason Hope Think About the Future of Social Networking Online?

Social networking guru Jason Hope has a lot to say about where networking is going in the future. A forward-thinking man like him always bases his future predictions in data. The visionary and expert businessman is a careful student of the current social media landscape when it comes to who uses sites, why they like certain ones, and what they’re doing on them. In Jason Hope´s eyes, there are three major areas of growth for social networking sites in the immediate future. 


Social Networking for Businesses Accelerates Growth


Businesses rely on a few major aspects of social networking. Things on the internet have even grown to the point that businesses can use their websites on social networking platforms to fuel direct sales. That’s something many people never dreamed of, but it’s become a reality for many. On social networking sites, businesses have benefited from curating a loyal following and interacting with their contacts. Jason Hope states that people develop a lot of trust for businesses on these sites as they follow other users’ comments, likes, and photographs. 


Jason Hope

Gaming Online Has Shifted, and So Has People’s Attention


People have always loved games. When games went online, at first the independent sites got all the attention. But nowadays, as Jason Hope states, the average person spends nearly three hours on social media. Guess what? A ton of it is spent on playing games within a social networking platform. The trend shows no signs of stopping. 


Going Mobile to Build Business Relationships Has Merit

Within mobile internet usage, marketers have a huge opportunity to connect with their customers in day-to-day interactions. While many businesses still earn a lot from the traffic to  websites, one of today’s major focus points for businesses is catching their customers on social media. Jason Hope states that mobile ads and customers who follow business pages can yield more results for many businesses than direct internet ads to the main website.