What Makes QNET’s Direct Selling Model Better

QNET operates as a Direct Selling company, meaning that people are not required to purchase products from a particular storefront location. QNET operate globally, with a presence in around 100 countries and territories. We provide consumers with quality products which they can purchase for themselves or become involved in the business opportunity of becoming an independent distributor.

What makes QNET different

QNET focus on providing customers with products at a good price, as well as an opportunity to profit by distributing our products throughout their local region. Our business model enables people to build and operate their own business by giving them the knowledge and tools they require.

Why is direct selling important?

Our business model has been proven to work for over 20 years, globally. Our Direct Selling model provides customers an opportunity to start their own business by sourcing products from the company and earning profits by selling these products locally. We provide customers with the knowledge and tools they require, enabling them to grow their business from nothing into an independent distributor within a short space of time.

Direct Selling has many advantages, including:

  1. Personalization – Direct Selling allows us to market our products through our distributors instead of direct sales representatives.
  2. Efficiency – Direct Selling allows us to operate with a small and efficient workforce, in order to ensure that we can provide you with the highest level of service.
  3. Growth – Direct Selling encourages people to work together and provides individuals with the opportunity to create and build a business that is profitable.
  4. Proven – Direct Selling has become a multi-million-dollar industry. It provides innovative and complex solutions for businesses and individuals alike.

Through Direct Selling, the company has been able to assist in the development of many local communities and businesses. QNET is not just about selling products; it is about developing people’s businesses and enhancing their quality of life. Here, we believe that our business of helping people help themselves is the best way to do business. Refer to this video clip on YouTube to learn more.


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