Why You Should Join IM Academy


You probably have read somewhere that you need to upgrade yourself constantly if you are serious about your career. There are various institutes offering courses in different streams these days, and their demand is growing day by day. Add up your skills with a good institute, and get ready to crack the interview of your life. Yes, it’s time to get that job offer you have been waiting for. Whether you’re switching from one organization to another or moving up from an internship doesn’t matter.

IM Academy certification program incorporates all the best practices of instructional design and training delivery methodologies.

Why IM Academy?

that has helped organizations build high-impact and engaging learning experiences for their employees. It offers a wide range of online courses, including instructional design, e-learning, and gamification. The Academy has a highly qualified team of subject matter experts who are industry veterans and have a wide range of experience in instructional design, training, learning management systems, and online learning technologies. The IM The program is highly beneficial for learners who want to take their careers to the next level.

What is the IM Academy certification program?

Its certification program helps individuals strengthen their skills and knowledge related to instructional design and e-learning. It is planned to equip the learners with the skills needed to create effective and engaging learning experiences for employees. Through the certification program, learners can develop multiple skills, including critical thinking, creative problem-solving, and managing projects. The program consists of two courses, Instructional Design Fundamentals and Creating e-Learning Experiences. The program also offers a variety of elective courses. The certification program is available in both instructor-led and online modes. Individuals can choose the model that works best for them.

Benefits of becoming an IM certified professional?

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, individuals will also access a wide range of career opportunities. They can choose to work as an instructional designer, corporate trainers, and e-learning designer. It is expected that the demand for such professionals will grow by 20% during the next five years. Individuals can also earn higher salaries compared to other job roles.

How to join the program?

Individuals can join the certification program by visiting the official website of the IM Academy. They can choose from various courses and programs based on their career goals. Once they select the program, they can start the period from the convenience of their home or office. They can go through the course syllabus and video lectures to better understand the system.


Its certification program is designed to equip learners with the necessary skills and knowledge to create employees’ constructive and engaging learning experiences. The program provides learners with many benefits, including higher salaries, better job opportunities, and a comprehensive skill set to become an influential leader.

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